How to get to the Bitcoin Code

Bitcoin code gone from record high to record high. We show what options you have to get the crypto currency.

  • A record message after the other , owners of crypto currency Bitcoin code can look forward to a whopping increases in value. Due to the numerous media reports, interest in Bitcoin code and comparable crypto currencies in Germany is rising more and more.

Although the payment options with Bitcoin code are still very limited, but as an alternative to traditional investments Bitcoin code is quite interesting – despite the risk of losses and high volatility – and is now taken seriously by the financial industry. But how can you buy Bitcoin codes?

Bitcoin code
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How to get to the digital money?

There are several ways to buy Bitcoin code: Bitcoin code marketplaces, Bitcoin code exchanges, Bitcoin code exchange offices or offline purchases. In all cases, you need to get a wallet you first. A wallet is a kind of electronic wallet, behind which hides a software with which can be sent Bitcoin codes and received. A wallet is similar this detailed Bitcoin code review provides to a checking account at a bank. With him Bitcoin codes can be received and paid.

Most practical Bitcoin code wallets are as apps on the smartphone, there are also Wallets for PC or for the tablet. Established providers are about Bither , , Electrum or Green Address.

Bitcoin code marketplace

Most commonly, the purchase of Bitcoin codes through a so-called marketplace. In Germany Bitcoin market leader in this area, one of the few platforms that also have a German support. When choosing the marketplace you should do a little research in advance, because these companies can go bankrupt or be hacked. Basically, it is recommended to trust established marketplaces, as they usually offer more security.

A Bitcoin code marketplace works on the eBay principle: users act directly, the price is determined by supply and demand, which usually leads to very low rates. The marketplaces are financed by a low transaction fee (at Bitcoin it is one per cent) which is usually split between buyer and seller.

Bitcoin code Exchange

In contrast, trades are executed automatically on Bitcoin code exchanges. As a potential buyer you just specify how many coins are to be price at which bought or sold, and the stock market is looking for a suitable offer. Known exchanges are about Bitstampand .

For trading on marketplaces and exchanges you have to register usually what takes depending on the platform some time and usually involves quite complicated verification processes. Most operators offer on their side to a FAQ on ( here be found, for example, the link to Bitcoin ).

Although the heyday of Bitcoin code exchange offices is over, but there are still providers such , or Shapeshiftwhere you can buy Bitcoin codes or other digital currencies at a specified price directly from the respective operators. As with real money exchange offices the courses, however, are usually less favorable here.

Offline Purchases

In addition, Bitcoin codes can also purchase off the Internet. So meeting the community are regular events, where you can purchase the cryptocurrency cash. It should be noted here, however, that this type of trade is unregulated. Occasionally there are even Bitcoin code machine , where – as in a ticket machine – Bitcoin codes can be purchased. The Austrian Post sold in all its branches Bitcoin codes since July .


If the registration process is complete once at one of the marketplaces or exchanges, a Bitcoin code transaction for the user little more of a bank transfer is different ( technically the whole run but different from ), only the vocabulary is different: instead of account numbers, there are about destination addresses.

But you should make sure that Bitcoin codes are not subject to deposit insurance, as is customary for banks. This means that your Bitcoin codes can be lost through cybercrime or economic bankruptcy of your provider. Even so it is important that you act only on trading platforms you trust.

It is recommended, therefore, that you know about wearing your Bitcoin codes with whom you just do not want to act in your own off-Wallet. This makes them better protected from outside access.

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